MALIARIA.COM is an online shop for signed giclee prints of original art by Anton Maliar.

Anton Maliar (b. 1986) is a contemporary Ukrainian painter who lives and works near Kyiv, Ukraine.

Active since 2016.

The artist works with different media.

Anton Maliar's artworks are in private collections in cities and towns across the UK, the USA (including addresses at Wall Street NYC, Thousand Oaks and La Jolla CA), Australia, Switzerland (Zurich), Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, China (Hong-Kong).

Along with being aesthetically pleasing, Anton’s work provides the viewer with a sense of positivity and peace. He aims to create, through his paintings a space for solace and reflection, an escape from the mundane. His handling of paint is intended to cause an effect of puzzlement to the viewer, the colour usage, and the contrast between thick and thin along with the use of shadows is a deliberate visual trickery.

He mostly uses acrylic paints as he feels it is a versatile medium and allows him to experiment with the materiality of the paint. He plays with the notions of illusion in painting and projects a whimsical feel through his works.

Anton’s artworks have been shown in exhibitions at Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo), NY, USA.